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Car Radiator Cleaner

Radiator Cleaner



    • Cleans and descales cooling and heating circuits in water-cooled vehicles.
    • Deposits a preventive-action protective film. Remedial/curative treatment
    • Add this concentrated cleaning agent to the coolant already in your vehicle’s circuit. It will dislodge all deposits in the engine block, radiator and heating circuit, and flush them when you drain the circuit.  
    • It also restores efficient heat-transferring properties thereby solving overheating problems.  Preventive treatment  
    • Users are advised to clean their cooling circuit when they change their permanent liquid (once every 2 years or so) or antifreeze (every year or so).
    • This cleaner is harmless to radiator pipes and gaskets, and is suitable for all types of metal radiators



    • 250ml of this product are enough to treat circuits holding up to 10 litres.
    • Switch the heating knob to the Open position.
    • Shake the flask and pour the product into the radiator. It does not matter if the coolant is still hot (this circuit is not pressurised).
    • Top up liquid by filling the radiator with water if and as required.  
    • Close the circuit and let the engine run slowly for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how dirty the circuit is).
    • Drain the circuit completely.
    • Fill the circuit with new coolant.
    • Preferably, however, rinse the circuit with fresh water before filling it with new coolant.
    • After pressurising the circuit again, check your coolant level on a regular basis



    • This product is not aggressive, and based on a mild acid and sodium salts in demineralised water.