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TotalEnergies Engine Cleaner




    • Handles cleaning and degreasing problems.
    • Dissolves and emulsifies grease, sludge, paraffin, mud, etc.  
    • Good for external cleaning of engines, agricultural equipment, machine parts and heavily soiled floors.  
    • Deep cleans and degreases.
    • Emulsifiable, can be rinsed with water, eliminating the need for a olvent collector  
    • Also serves as a powerful detarring agent.
    • Ideal for machanics, construction companies, cleaning and repair companies, etc… 


    1. Spray on cool, heavily soiled surfaces.
    2. Let sit for several minutes.
    3. Scrub if necessary and rinse with large quantities of water after protecting electrical systems.  
    4. Repeat process if necessary. 



    • Active ingredients: Specific hydrocarbon-based solvents and non-ionic surfactants.
    • Flash point higher than 55°C (non-flammable).
    • Aromatic and chlorine solvent-free.
    • Emulsifiable in water.
    • Propellant: Butane (Extremely flammable)