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Turbocool Readymix


TotalEnergies Turbocool Coolant


    • Superior performance in a great number of internal-combustion engine cooling circuits. Is equally efficient if cooling circuits have aluminium and/or copper parts. Do not use in cooling circuits if the vehicle manufacturer proscribes silicates.
    • Recommended for situations which do not require high antifreeze protection (– 7°C), but which require high heat transfers and the protection of the whole system from corrosion, thanks to the passive action of the additives on metals.  
    • Heat steady, the coolant use prevents from strong minerals formation and keeps fluid properties. 


    In accordance with n°95-326 (20 March 1995) Decree about sales of products with monoethylene-glycol, this product contains an embiterring agent for added safety against accidental ingestion by children or users. 



    Density (15°C) ASTM D1122 kg/m3  1025 
    Colour      Blue 
    Freezing point ASTM D 1177  °C  -7.7 
    Alkalinity  ASTM D 1121 Ml HC1 0.1 M  21.7 
    pH ASTM D 1287  pH measures 8.8 




    1. Switch the passenger-compartment heating knob to maximum.
    2. Drain the cooling circuit and rinse it well to flush any deposits that may have built up.
    3. Check the circuit’s gaskets and radiator hoses are watertight.
    4. Replace any defective gaskets or hoses (permanent liquids have a higher wetting power than water, so they seep into cracks more easily).
    5. Fill the circuit with TotalEnergies coolant.
    6. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes to make sure the coolant reaches and fills the upper areas in the circuit (read your maintenance handbook for more about this).
    7. Top up as required.
    8. You should not have to top up your cooling circuit after this. If you do, check your circuit for leaks.  



    • Ready-to-use aqueous solution with mono-ethylene-glycol and foam-inhibiting and corrosion-inhibiting additives.  
    • Contains no nitrites, phosphates or amines.