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03/04/2019 News

“Mishwar”: A Play by Haya Cultural Center and TotalEnergies Company

The play, "Mishwar", began its free tours in Jordanian Governorates in February, to educate children and raise awareness about the importance of compliance with traffic safety rules. This drama piece was entirely produced by the drama and theater team at Haya Cultural Center in collaboration with TotalEnergies Company. The play runs throughout the Governorates in Jordan to get the children acquainted with the main traffic and road safety rules that need to be followed. Mishwar aims to reach more than 5,000 children from the Governorates over the course of 2019.


On this occasion, Sahab Al Freijat, General Manager of Haya Center, said: "We thank TotalEnergies for their cooperation with us and for sponsoring this meaningful play that will contribute to instilling the concepts of traffic awareness in our children and reducing the misguided practices that they adopt from a young age. The Center is keen to introduce children to important educational and behavioral issues and concepts through the design of artistic and creative programs for them. Theatrical arts are one of the most important programs that we pay attention to. With Mishwar turning to the Governorates, we are following the trend towards making the Haya cultural programs accessible to as many of our children as possible in Jordan."


Commenting on this raising awareness play, Stephane Lapauw, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Marketing Jordan, said: "Traffic safety is one of the most important areas we are working hard to achieve in this year's CSR programs, and Mishwar will greatly support these efforts through its extensive reach to a large number of children across all Governorates in Jordan. We endeavor to enshrine the ethics and rules of proper traffic conduct in the lives of everyone, especially children, because this information will grow with them and accompany them throughout their lives. "We, in return, thank Haya Cultural Center and the drama team for their efforts to embody traffic rules in a beautiful theater and artistic manner that attracts the attention of students and tweaks their interest," Lapauw added.

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