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Radiator Leak Sealant

Radiator Sealant



    • Guaranteed prevention of cooling-circuit leaks.
    • A simple and effective solution for existing leak problems.
    • Compatible with antifreezes and coolants.
    • Waterproofs the cooling circuit.
    • Contains corrosion inhibitors.
    • Harmless to gaskets, radiator pipes and iron alloys.
    • Suitable for cars, trucks, farming vehicles, heavy construction machinery, etc. 



    1. 250ml of this product is enough to treat a circuit holding up to 10 litres.
    2. Rinse the circuit with water.
    3. Fill the circuit with a mixture of water and antifreeze.  
    4. Close the circuit and run the engine until it reaches its normal running temperature.
    5. Shake the flask and pour the contents gradually into the radiator, with the engine running slowly.
    6. Let the engine run for a few minutes longer. 



    • Aqueous suspension of polymers and alkaline salts.