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Car Petrol Treatment

Petrol Treatment



    • Cleans lubricates and protects glass fuel injection systems.
    • Fuel additive that eliminates deposits at the ends of injector valve seats.
    • Improves start-ups.  
    • Reduces combustion residue and fumes caused by deposits.
    • Improves power and acceleration.  
    • Prevents corrosion.
    • Improves fuel efficiency.  



    1. Compatible with all gas fuel injection engines.
    2. Empty a full flask into your vehicle’s tank and then add at least 20 litres of petrol.
    3. Ideally, use one measure (250 ml) for every 150 litres of fuel or at least, once a month, in normal conditions.
    4. For remedial action, use one measure (250ml) for every 40 litres of fuel, for 1500 km. 



    • Specific additive dissolved in hydrocarbon-based solvents.  
    • Designed to clean carburettor injection systems.