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Multifunction Engine Cleaning Fluid

Multifunction Fluid



    • Extra penetrating power lubricates machine parts.
    • Eliminates squeaking 


    • Resolves numerous lubrication and jamming problems for a wide range of equipment and machine parts. (Locks, hinges, bolts, pipes, zippers, etc.) 


    • Application of the product on surfaces removes existing water. It thus effectively protects metal pieces from corrosion.  
    • Leaves a slight oil film that protects against oxidation 


    • Locks out moisture and forms a protective barrier layer.
    • Eliminates build-up of dust and dirt on mechanical equipment. 



    • Specially developed to quickly and effectively penetrate equipment assemblies that have been immobilized due to oxidation.
    • Unjams, cleans, lubricates, protects and eliminates moisture.
    • Household use: electrical and mechanical equipment, sewing machines, hinges, locks, etc.  
    • Garden/Leisure: hunting and fishing gear, ski bindings, lawnmowers, chainsaws, shears, bicycles, etc.
    • Automotive: ignition circuits, antennas, doors, windshield wipers, ignition coils, etc.
    • Ideal for repair and maintenance services, civil engineering, and industrial applications (engineering, agriculture) Useable in all positions, and with its extension tube, it can access difficult to reach areas. 



    1. Shake aerosol can before use.
    2. Spray on equipment needing treatment.
    3. Wait several seconds and repeat for heavily corroded parts.  
    4. Operate the part to be lubricated if necessary.  
    5. For an anti-moisture treatment: clean surfaces. Spray. Wait for surfaces to dry completely before resuming operation.



    • Active ingredients: hydrocarbonate solvants with –5% aromatics. Specific mineral oil-based fluid. Corosion inhibitor/water repellent.
    • Propellant: Butane (flammable) ​