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TotalEnergies Engine Diesel Treatment

Diesel Treatement



    • Keeps injectors perfectly clean.
    • Prevents build-up in the combustion chambers.
    • Absorbs moisture from fuel for easier starting.
    • Reduces build-up in the injection system that can cause problems like irregular idle, pollution, excessive fuel consumption, difficult starting, etc.  
    • Prolongs mechanism life, increases engine performance.
    • Eliminates gums and deposits in the valve seats  
    • Improves combustion and reduces black smoke emissions. 



    1. Can be used on all diesel engines  
    2. Empty a full flask into your vehicle’s tank and then add at least 30 litres of petrol.
    3. Ideally, use one measure (250 ml) for every 120 litres of fuel or at least, once a month, in normal conditions.
    4. For remedial action, use one measure (250ml) for every 40 litres of fuel, for 1500 km. 



    • Carbon and nitrogen compounds in a petroleum solvent.
    • Treatment for diesel engines.