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Cockpit Cleaner

Cockpit Cleaner



      • Maintenance and repairs:
      • Car interiors (dashboard, plastic trim, rubber, etc.)
      • Motorcycle equipment (fairing, paint, seat, fender, etc.)  
      • Cleans and shines for a like-new appearance
      •  Revives colours.
      • Leaves an anti-static, anti-dust, water-repellent protective coating.  
      • Dries invisible.  
      • Usable in any position and leaves a pleasant orange scent.



      1. If the surface is dirty, clean first with a neutral all-purpose detergent.  
      2. Shake aerosol can before use.
      3. Spray approximately 25 cm away from surface.
      4. Let dry for several seconds.
      5. Polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. 



      • Active ingredients: polysiloxanic fluid, fragrance, hydrocarbonate solvent, aromatic hydrocarbon and chlorine-free.
      • Propellant: (Highly flammable) Butane.