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Brake Fluid HBF 4

Break Fluid



      • The brake fluid forms an essential component in the braking system of a car. In service, the brake fluid absorbs moisture which causes a significant reduction in the boiling point of the brake fluid, with a consequent risk of vapour lock
      • Thanks to its higher boiling point, Brake Fluid DOT 3 offers additional safety margin against water pick up
      • It provides corrosion protection for metals used in braking systems: cast iron, aluminium, steel, copper, brass etc.
      • Compatible with rubber seals and hoses
      • CHARACTERISTICS    Volumetric mass at 15°C  kg/m3   1055 Viscosity at –40°C (max)  mm²/s   1800 Viscosity at 100°C (min)  mm²/s  1,5 Dry boiling point (min)   °C  230 Wet boiling point (min)  °C  140 



      1. Follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations when adding brake fluid.
      2. Keep brake fluid clean and dry. Contamination with dirt, water, petroleum products or other materials may result in brake failure or costly repairs.  
      3. Store brake fluid only in its original container. Keep container clean and tightly closed to prevent absorption of moisture.
      4. Do not refill container, and do not use for other liquids. 



      Meets SAE J1703 and FMVSS Nr.116 DOT 4 and ISO 4925 specifications. 



      • The TotalEnergies Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a heavy duty brake and clutch with a minimum boiling point of 238°C [460°F]
      • It is recommended for brake and clutch systems of all vehicles using synthetic fluids when a DOT 4 level or higher is not required
      • It is completely miscible with one another and are compatible with other approved DOT glycol ether and borate ester brake fluids
      • It must not be mixed with silicone ester type brake fluids and mineral based fluids (LHM)